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Using the Law to Secure Social Change: Case Studies and Briefs on Legal Advocacy

Resource type: Case Study

Ursula Kilkelly, Laura Lundy and Angela Matthews |

This collection of short case studies and briefs provides insights into how Atlantic grantees used the law to secure social change in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Drawn from a longer report summarized here, the case studies and briefs cover work of Atlantic’s grantees between 2004 and 2014.

In addition to providing background about litigation grantees pursued or different ways they used the law, the reports also offer lessons that can be useful to other funders and grantees.

The case studies cover:

Free Legal Advice Centre (FLAC)

  • The pursuit of legal recognition for people who are transgender. View case study (PDF)

Children’s Law Centre

  • The government’s responsibility to provide housing and support to homeless young people. View case study (PDF)

The Law Centre for Northern Ireland

  • Government approaches to processing asylum claims in different jurisdictions. View case study (PDF)
  • The rights of voluntary patients in mental health facilities to be resettled into the community. View case study (PDF)

The briefs describe:

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Atlantic commissioned these reports.