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To help build a more effective nonprofit and philanthropic sector, Atlantic’s grantmaking contributed to improving the use of data, bolstered scholarship and strengthened infrastructure institutions.

Grants also supported efforts to promote standards of excellence, make better information available about charities to the general public, and to encourage sharing of information and resources among nonprofit organizations.

Adding More Tools to the Toolbox

Atlantic helped undergird the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors with stronger systems of research, analysis and information exchange.

Networking That Works

Networking is an effective way to share information about operational effectiveness. Atlantic’s support for the National Council of Nonprofits helped cross-fertilize the work of member groups of 37 state and regional association of nonprofits.

Filling the Knowledge Gap

Support from Atlantic to leading research institutions, such as Indiana University’s Center on Philanthropy, helped improve the amount, quality and circulation of information about the nonprofit sector and its operations.

Providing Good Guidance

Atlantic supported the Urban Institute and GuideStar to create an online database of IRS Form 990s that foundations, scholars, practitioners and the public could use to research individual nonprofits they might want to support.

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