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Chuck Feeney

The man who devoted his entire fortune to better humanity. His story has inspired others.

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Giving While Living

Modest. Strategic. Compassionate. Charismatic. Complex. These words describe Chuck Feeney, founder of The Atlantic Philanthropies.

And yet this man, who always preferred to fly economy and carried his papers in a plastic bag, created an organization that has helped make changes of historic proportions.

Among them: Facilitating the peace process in Northern Ireland. Catalyzing the creation of knowledge economies in the Republic of Ireland and Australia. Hastening the end of the juvenile death penalty and reducing the number of children without health insurance in the United States. Securing lifesaving medication for millions afflicted with HIV/AIDS in South Africa. Helping Viet Nam develop a more equitable system for delivering health care throughout the country.

Chuck has set an example...he is my hero and Bill Gates’ hero. He should be everybody’s hero.
- Warren Buffett

Chuck on Giving while Living Secret Billionaire Documentary

Driven by a belief that the best use of one's wealth is to help people, Feeney founded Atlantic in 1982.

By the time it fully ceases operations, the foundation will have made grants totaling more than $8 billion. Here’s the story of the remarkable man who made all that possible.