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Global Brain Health Institute

Leading the Way to Healthy Aging Minds

Republic of Ireland | United States

We’ve made a final major investment in two longtime grantees—University of California, San Francisco and Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin—to create the Global Brain Health Institute. This groundbreaking venture will train and connect The Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health, a new generation of leaders worldwide who have the knowledge, skills and drive to change both the practice of dementia care and the societal and environmental forces that affect brain health.

Our goal is to reduce dramatically the number of older people who develop dementia, which consumes not just the millions with this disease, but their families and caregivers as well. Dementia takes a terrible emotional and financial toll on everyone, including people and nations. In fact, a recent study showed that the cost for a dementia patient was more than 80 percent higher than the cost for someone with heart disease or cancer.

As Atlantic’s largest-ever program grant, it embodies our commitment to address global challenges with bold initiatives that will serve society for generations to come.

Watch: GBHI will train at least 600 global leaders over 15 years in the United States, Ireland and around the world to carry out dementia research, deliver health care, and change policies and practices in their regions.

Building on 14 Years of Investments to Help People Live Well with Dementia

People with dementia should be able to get the care they need, for as long as they need it, while living at home, where they can stay connected to family and community.

In pursuit of that goal, our grantmaking in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland focused on informing policy, improving services, enabling people with dementia to have a say in their care and treatment, and reducing the stigma associated with the disease. In addition, support was provided to help family caregivers.

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Summaries of Case Studies, Evaluations & Reports