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Genio Dementia Programme – Year 1

Resource type: Evaluation

Irish Centre for Social Gerontology |

Dementia in the Republic of Ireland is associated with poor diagnosis, stigma and lack of awareness among the general public. Not surprisingly, service provision has been, as a consequence, badly structured, poorly funded and weakly integrated. Genio, an Atlantic grantee, is working to develop and test new service models that would improve the range and quality of community-based supports for people with dementia.

This report examines the workings of the Genio programme in 2013, the first year of operation, and its impact in relation to the public awareness of dementia, diagnosis, community-based supports, integrated provision and sustainability. The report also covers the relevance and implications of the Genio programme over the coming years for public policy and its role in heralding a new, person-centred approach to dementia care.

An evaluation of the Genio Dementia Programme will be published for each year of its operation.

Genio is an Atlantic grantee.

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