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Our Work in the United States

Atlantic’s grantees have touched the lives of millions. Here are a few of their stories.

The Cornell Tradition

In 1982, Atlantic’s first-ever grant started the The Cornell Tradition fellowship, which has since supported 5,500 of Cornell University’s most service-oriented undergraduates. (We recently gave the program our very last grant, too.) Learn more >

The Cornell Tradition is a fellowship program offering distinctive service, work and scholarship opportunities to Cornell’s most civically minded, socially responsible undergraduates. Video: Flatbush Pictures

Our Brother’s Keeper

Racial bias infected Duane Buck’s trial and death penalty sentence – and it almost cost him his life. Learn more >

Duane Buck’s family reflects on the long path his case has taken over the years, from the poverty-stricken Third Ward in Houston, all the way to a ruling at the Supreme Court. Video: Flatbush Pictures

Right to Care

Featuring Caring Across Generations co-director Ai-jen Poo, this film highlights both the important work being done by domestic workers in the U.S. and the challenges facing this growing workforce. Learn more >

The story of domestic workers in California who fought for basic labor protection rights. Video: Flatbush Pictures

George & Grace

For refugees like George, access to an immigration attorney can be the difference between life and death. After escaping persecution in Uganda, George started a new life in Chicago with help from the National Immigrant Justice Center. Learn more >

George escaped persecution in Uganda to start a new life in Chicago. Video: Flatbush Pictures

Hassan vs. NYPD

Follow the dramatic story of a legal case brought on behalf of Muslims unlawfully targeted and surveilled by the New York Police Department. Learn more >

Ten plaintiffs came together to stand up to the NYPD in a critical fight for equal protection under the Constitution. Video: Flatbush Pictures

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