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Social Equity

Closing the Gap


The Atlantic Fellows® for Social Equity program, led by the University of Melbourne in collaboration with local and international partners, aims to tackle the broader issues of social inequality and how parity can be achieved for all people, regardless of cultural background, race, gender, health or financial status. It will build the capacity and enhance the capability of a new generation of leaders—both Indigenous and non-Indigenous—committed to advancing a fairer, healthier, more resilient and inclusive society in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

Starting in 2017, up to 25 fellowships will be awarded annually for the next 20 years, to develop some 500 social change agents, influential leaders and innovative thinkers. Each Atlantic Fellow will complete an intensive curriculum focused on the development of forward-thinking leadership skills and social action strategies. that will drive significant change for a healthier, more resilient and inclusive global society, and particularly in communities that suffer from inequality across Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

Banner photo: Mickey Kovari

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