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The Atlantic Philanthropies Archives at Cornell University


Chuck Feeney in Cornell’s 1956 yearbook.

The Atlantic Philanthropies Archives are housed at Cornell University, Atlantic founder Chuck Feeney’s alma mater, in the Library’s Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections (RMC). Comprised of the paper and digital records primarily from Atlantic’s offices in New York, Ithaca, Bermuda, Dublin, Belfast, London, and Johannesburg,  the Archives are a rich resource for gaining insight into Atlantic’s work over three decades: decisions made, lessons learned, and the people impacted by Chuck Feeney’s generosity.  In the Archives, researchers can find the following types of records:

Corporate records covering the foundation’s grantmaking and operational strategies; decisions to emerge from anonymity and limit its lifespan in keeping   with Chuck Feeney’s belief in Giving While Living; and steps taken to  wind down the foundation’s work.

Processed boxes awaiting labels and barcodes. As of January 2020 over 1200 boxes have been processed by project staff.

Grantmaking records spanning $8+ billion directed primarily to 8 regions around the world. Records document the entire life cycle of 6,500 grants to nearly 2,500 grantees from proposals to final reports, supplemented by files of its executives and program officers.

Stories of impact, evaluations and lessons learned captured in reports, case studies, and a wide range of print, video and visual formats.


Plaque from Atlantic’s Dublin office.

 In the next few years, researchers will also have access to two Atlantic Philanthropies Oral History Projects. The first, conducted by Columbia University, includes interviews with Atlantic staff, grantees, and leaders in philanthropy. The second features Atlantic staff interviews collected by Thaler Pekar as the foundation concluded its work.

While portions of the collection remain restricted, researchers may currently access all grant and grant-related files kept by Atlantic’s program staff.


Tam and gown worn by Chuck Feeney upon accepting an honorary doctorate bestowed to him by the universities of Ireland in 2012.

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