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Atlantic’s Final Big Bets

Several years before our closure in 2020, we made a series of significant grants to address 21st-century problems and produce lasting results in fields and places where we had worked for a long time. These culminating “big bets” build upon our 35 years of program investments, and many will outlive Atlantic.

Atlantic Fellows® Program

The Atlantic Fellows program empowers catalytic communities of emerging leaders to advance fairer, healthier, more inclusive societies.

Through the seven global interconnected programs, with support from the Atlantic Institute, Fellows collaborate to understand and address root causes of pressing problems.

  • Video: Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health

    Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health

    Improving brain health and reducing the impact of dementia worldwide.

    Based at the Global Brain Health Institute

  • Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity in South Africa

    Building a healthier, more equal South Africa.

    Based at TEKANO

  • Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity in Southeast Asia

    Creating a community for health equity in Southeast Asia.

    Based at the Equity Initiative at CMB Foundation

  • Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity

    Building global leaders to combat health disparities and promote equity.

    Based at the George Washington University Health Workforce Institute

  • Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity

    Building just and equitable communities in the U.S. and South Africa.

    Based at Columbia University and the Nelson Mandela Foundation

  • Atlantic Fellows for Social Equity

    Harnessing Indigenous knowledge and ingenuity for social impact.

    Based at the University of Melbourne

  • Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity

    Working toward real-world solutions to global inequalities.

    Based at the International Inequalities Institute at the London School of Economics

  • The Atlantic Institute

    Supporting the global network of Atlantic Fellows throughout their careers with resources and opportunities to connect, exchange ideas and further develop their skills as leaders and changemakers.

    Based at the Rhodes Trust

More Major Concluding Grants

We also made a series of other major investments in our final years to advance opportunity and promote equity and dignity. Here are highlights of this work and the people and organizations doing it.