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Atlantic Fellows

Advancing fairer, healthier, more inclusive societies


One of our final and biggest bets is the Atlantic Fellows® program, which will empower new generations of leaders to work together around the globe to advance fairer, healthier, more inclusive societies.

Atlantic Fellows are dynamic emerging leaders with innovative ideas and the courage, conviction and capacity to bring lasting improvements to their communities and the world. Fellows work together across disciplines and borders to tackle some of the today’s most pressing issues: systemic inequality and racial equity; barriers to full participation in democracy; and major health challenges such as dementia and a lack of access to care.

The Fellows programs include:

The Atlantic Institute, based in Oxford and operated by the Rhodes Trust, will serve as a convening and knowledge-sharing hub for the global network of Atlantic Fellows.

In total, The Atlantic Philanthropies will invest more than $740 million over the next two decades in building a global network of thousands of Atlantic Fellows, and the institutions that support and nurture them. These investments build upon the issues and in places that have been central to the foundation’s work.