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Seeking Lifesaving Treaments and Cures

Australia | Northern Ireland | Republic of Ireland | United States | Viet Nam

Over the years, Atlantic underwrote research in Australia, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, the United States and Viet Nam designed to develop biomedical breakthroughs aimed at saving lives. In addition to support for research taking place in individual countries, Atlantic’s investments also made it possible for researchers across the globe to collaborate with one another.

The Translational Research Institute (TRI) was built in part to bring Australia’s top scientists all to one place, promoting a culture of synergy and cooperation. Professor Ian Frazer (above) is founding CEO & Director of Research at TRI.

Making It Possible for Researchers to Do Their Work and Do It Well

Atlantic grants enabled researchers to investigate root causes of major diseases.

Ramping Up

Atlantic gave $45.5 million to establish four major research institutes and centers at the University of Queensland that have collectively transformed biomedical research in Australia.

Exploring All Possibilties

Atlantic invested $60 million in The James H. Clark Center at Stanford University in California, which serves as the home of Bio-X, a nucleus for research generating scientific advances that expand understanding of how the body works.

Working Across Borders

Atlantic support for the Ireland-Vietnam Blood Borne Virus Initiative at the National Institute of Hygiene & Epidemiology in Hanoi has made it possible for researchers to study viruses that are significant public health problems in 35 countries with a population of over three billion people.

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