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Public Interest Litigation: Summary of a Meeting with Atlantic Reconciliation & Human Rights Grantees

Resource type: Research Report

Brian Kearney-Grieve |

Public interest litigation can be fraught with challenges, but a summary of a meeting in May 2011 of Atlantic grantees working in this area offers practical tips to help organisations make the best use of this important tool.

Among the difficulties of working in public interest litigation is a lack of access to (relevant) legal services, financial risks, delayed and drawn-out cases, as well as problems in translating successful judgements into implementation and longer-term social justice gains.

In the summary, participants on the front lines of public interest litigation give suggestions on how to:

(1) recruit lawyers and law firms to take on pro bono work andlitigation;

(2) increase the likelihood of success in the courtroom;

(3) improve collaboration with the media;

(4) boost chances of genuine impact; and

(5) from a donor perspective, how to assist organisations working in this field.