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Parenting Support for Every Parent

Resource type: Research Report

UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, National University of Ireland, Galway |

A parenting programme can have a significant impact on the risk and protective factors that shape family life, and create population-wide benefit, according to this evaluation of the Triple P Positive Parenting Programme in the Midland counties of Longford and Westmeath.

The parenting programme was offered free of charge to every family with children under the age of eight over a two and a half year period. By the end of the trial the numbers of children showing signs of hyperactivity, anxiety and emotional or conduct problems or who were prone to troublesome disobedience were significantly down. Parents were less worried and depressed and their relationship problems had eased.

The report concludes that a universal-access public health response to a range of problems experienced by children and families can work, and that its benefits ripple through the population.

Key Findings

  • The number of children with emotional and behavioural problems was significantly reduced in the population as a whole when compared to a similar area where Triple P was not delivered. For children with higher levels of need, these problems were down by 37.5%.
  • There was a 30% decrease in reports of mild and higher levels of both parental distress and stress for parents in Longford Westmeath.
  • Parents also showed significant improvement in relation to reporting a good relationship with their child, engaging in positive parenting, and being likely to use appropriate discipline.

The Triple P Positive Parenting Programme in Longford | Westmeath

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Midlands Area Parenting Partnership (via Northside Partnership) is an Atlantic grantee.