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Ten Years of Learning

Resource type: Research Report

Centre for Effective Services |

For more than a decade, the Atlantic Philanthropies, sometimes in conjunction with Government and other organisations, has invested over €127 million/£105 million in 30 partner agencies and community groups running 52 prevention and early intervention services and programmes across the island of Ireland. This document is a summary of the learning so far emerging from the Prevention and Early Intervention Initiative (PEII) over the past decade.

The PEII supports diverse services, across a wide range of settings and age groups, working in a number of areas such as:

  • early childhood learning
  • child health and development
  • child behaviour
  • parenting
  • promoting inclusion.

Who’s Benefited?

It is estimated that, throughout the island of Ireland, the following have benefited to date from the investment:

  • 90,000 children and young people
  • 24,000 parents or caregivers
  • 4,000 professionals
  • 39 partner agencies
  • 52 programmes

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