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Triple P: Positive Parenting Program

Resource type: Research Report

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A free program in Ireland designed to promote more effective parenting is showing consistently positive changes for parents and children alike, according to findings from an independent evaluation.

Triple P—the Positive Parenting Program—offers different levels of help depending on parents’ needs. Assistance ranges from tips in school newsletters and local newspapers, to individual workshops, to an eight-week program. Parents choose which level most suits their situation.

This report summarizes an independent evaluation, conducted by National University of Ireland Galway, which found that Triple P could provide effective assistance for parents and children who had been struggling with a range of issues. For example, reports of parents suffering stress showed an approximately 30 percent reduction in the counties where Triple P was offered. Families that had clinically elevated emotional and behavioral problems showed some of the most significant changes in their children’s behavior as a result of participation in Triple P.

Based on the evaluation findings and implementation experiences, the Health Service Executive has committed to maintain and, as resources allow, to expand the current delivery of Triple P.

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The Triple P Positive Parenting Programme in Longford | Westmeath

The Triple P Parenting program (via Northside Partnership and Archways) is an Atlantic grantee.