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Are Your Communications Working?

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Want to ensure that communications staff is included meetings where your foundation’s broader strategy is set? Start capturing data you can present to demonstrate the essential link between communications and impact.

That’s one of the messages that comes through loud and clear in this conversation with Edith Asibey, author of “Are We There Yet? A Communications Evaluation Guide,” published by The Communications Network. Asibey is a Communications Executive at The Atlantic Philanthropies with responsibilities that include advising the foundation’s programs on effective communications strategies and a member of the Communications Network Board. She brings to her work extensive domestic and international communications experience with foundations and nonprofits including her tenure as President of Asibey Consulting.

Rather than focusing on how to evaluate, this conversation with Communications Network contributor Susan Herr explores why so many of us simply resisting the imperative to do so.

Running time of this episode is 27 minutes.

View Video, ‘Can You Be Strategic Without Data’ Here >>

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