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Watch and read about a shared education approach that improved science and special education programmes for two schools.

The promotion of reconciliation and the protection of human rights are fundamental to cementing peace in a society that is deeply divided and which has experienced a history of human rights violations and abuse. The Peace Agreements unequivocally stated that inequalities must be named and addressed if there was to be any hope of building new relationships between and within communities and traditions. Atlantic's grantmaking has sought to protect the rights of those most marginalised and has focused on the protection of rights to address injustice and build a peaceful and stable society.  

One of the most visible manifestations of the deep division in Northern Ireland is reflected in a segregated school system – less than 10 per cent of children attend religiously integrated schools.

As a limited life foundation, we are investing in areas where we believe Atlantic can achieve significant progress in the relatively short time we have remaining.

Our Focus As We Conclude Our Grantmaking

  • Increase Shared Education

    Shared education involves two or more schools from different community backgrounds working together to share classes, facilities, resources and teachers. Supporting shared education helps dispel prejudice, reduce costs and increases access to educational opportunities.  It also promotes social cohesion through the achievement of a shared and better society. Our aspiration is that Protestant and Catholic children across Northern Ireland being educated together becomes the norm rather than the exception, and that government policies and practices fully incentivise shared education. 
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  • Strengthen Key Nongovernmental Organisations to Protect and Promote Rights

    Effective promotion and protection of human rights are central to cementing peace in Northern Ireland. Atlantic will support a small number of key organisations that have proven achievements, solid management and strong potential to protect rights after we end our grantmaking.  


Cost per annum of maintaining segregation. 


What We're Learning

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