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Funding in Conflict-Affected Environments

Resource type: Research Report

The Social Change Initiative |

This guide explores how can funders can support activities and initiatives designed to end conflicts and promote peacebuilding. While many foundations are understandably wary about intervening in conflicts, Funding in Conflicted-Environments offers guidance on how to help mitigate some of those concerns. Included are the following tips for funders working in conflict and post-conflict settings:

  1. Do your research
  2. Be prepared to take risks
  3. Focus on conflict prevention
  4. Know your partner: establish relationships with grantees and other key stakeholders
  5. Support indigenous efforts
  6. Provide core support

As noted in the guide, while it takes as long “to build sustainable peace as it does to conduct the violent struggle,” when funders engage in peacebuilding “they can help save lives and create a better future for generations to come.” The guide was researched and written in partnership with Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace.

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