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The Atlantic Philanthropies in Northern Ireland: 1991-2014

Resource type: Research Report

The Atlantic Philanthropies |

Note: In 2017, we published an updated version of this report as part of our Country Books series.

Between 1991 and 2014, Atlantic invested more than $554 million in Northern Ireland to support the peace process, address the legacy of violent conflict, protect and expand human and civil rights, spur economic growth through higher education, create a stronger ageing sector and transform children’s services through prevention and early intervention.

This report tells the story of the impact of Atlantic’s, and our grantees’, work in Northern Ireland, including:

  • An overview, in numbers, of our investments
  • A list of key grantee achievements
  • A brief introduction to how Atlantic first began working there
  • A description of how Atlantic’s and our grantees’ work, and the fields on which we have focused, have evolved since initiating our work
  • An assessment of Atlantic’s most significant contributions within each field
  • A meta-assessment of Atlantic’s and grantees’ collective, overall impact to date.