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Strengthening Evidence-Based HIV Health Care: Lessons for Advocacy Movements and Funders

Resource type: Research Report

Dr. Waasila Jassat |

This report describes how the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society (SAHIVCS) has helped South Africa combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic by serving as a trusted source of information for government officials and medical practitioners about how to deliver high-quality, cost-effective treatment.

Although South Africa has more people living with HIV than any other country in the world, for many years AIDS denialism and official mistrust of antiretrovirals left many millions without access to life-saving care. SAHIVCS was formed to coordinate a response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic occurring throughout Southern Africa by providing relevant training, education, guidelines, information, and advocacy about how to treat those infected or affected by the disease.

The report found that SAHIVCS has educated and empowered clinicians working in the treatment and management of HIV/AIDS through various channels such as their website, online forums, and journals. SAHIVCS has also contributed significantly to the widespread adoption of HIV best practices through a variety of educational activities and partnership with the government. SAHIVCS members and the Department of Health now work together to issue evidence-based HIV guidelines appropriate for public health.

In addition to describing the role of SAHIVCS in fighting the AIDS epidemic, the report contains useful guidance to funders interested in supporting advocacy organizations and for advocacy organizations themselves.

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Southern African HIV Clinicians Society is an Atlantic grantee. Atlantic commissioned this report.

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