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Membership-Based Organizations in Constitutional Democracies: Lessons from the Treatment Action Campaign

Resource type: Research Report

Barbara Klugman, in conversation with Treatment Action Campaign national and Eastern Cape office-bearers and staff |

Anyone interested in learning about the power of grass roots activism will find valuable lessons in this report about the experiences of the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), the South African activist group that forced the government to make antiretroviral treatment available for all HIV-positive citizens and thereby saving thousands of people’s lives. 

Calling the TAC’s story one “of extraordinary processes and achievements,” researcher Barbara Klugman shares what she learned from conversations with the group’s staff, elected leadership and members—insights intended to “contribute to the work of other membership-based organizations and non-governmental organizations who promote social justice and the funders who support them.”

Treatment Action Campaign is an Atlantic grantee. Atlantic commissioned this report.