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Out of School and “On the Wall”

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Columbia University School of Social Work |

A Qualitative Look into the Lives of Unemployed Young Black Bermudian Men and the Gender Gap in Educational Attainment

Black Bermudian boys are getting kicked out of school at an alarming rate. Reversing this trend will require better community and classroom support for these boys, according to this Atlantic-funded report.

Based on in-depth interviews with out-of-school, out-of-work young people and high school students, the report looks at the stories behind the disturbing statistics. In the class of 2008, for example, almost half of male Bermudian high school students left before completion, compared to less than one third of the females.

The report includes policy recommendations, concluding that if boys obtained the same social and emotional support available to girls, and teachers were more aware of the factors leading to behavioural problems, more boys would graduate and fewer would ultimately end up unemployed or incarcerated.

Media Coverage

> Lack of support leaves Bermuda’s young men on the scrap heap – report, Royal Gazette, June 29, 2011

Columbia University School of Social Work is an Atlantic grantee.

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