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The Cost of Quality Out-of-School-Time Programs

Resource type: Research Report

Public/ Private Ventures |

This study by Public/Private Ventures provides estimates for the costs of operating a high-quality after-school or summer programme in the United States. P/PV is a grantee of The Atlantic Philanthropies.

by Jean Baldwin Grossman, Christianne Lind, Cheryl Hayes, Jennifer McMaken and Andrew Gersick

Funders and program planners want to know: What does it cost to operate a high-quality after-school or summer program? This study answers that question, discovering that there is no “right” number. Cost varies substantially, depending on the characteristics of the participants, the goals of the program, who operates it and where it is located. Based on detailed cost data collected from 111 out-of-school-time programs in six cities, this report, along with an online calculator (, provides cost averages and ranges for many common types of programs.

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