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Moving Lives

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The Immigrant Council of Ireland | [ View Original Source (opens in new window) ]


Moving Lives is an interactive portrait and online case study of the Immigrant Council of Ireland – an independent law centre located in Dublin working nationally and internationally.

Moving Lives uses character-driven stories to lead you to behind-the-scenes reflection on the Council’s distinctive way of working across a span of thirteen years, within the connected fields of immigration reform, strategic litigation, human rights advocacy and social justice.

Moving Lives implements a documentary approach to both chronicle and make accessible the Council’s landmark cases, its key methodologies and lessons learned; it reflects on the Council’s record of public campaigns and the application of action research, advocacy and service provision. 2016-03-08 18-23-19

Moving Lives gives access to first-hand reflections from the Council’s team, as they make sense of what they have learned on specific cases and the core policy issues navigated. These reflections – comprising 55 interview clips – are based on work that is both completed and current. Themes focused on include: the use of strategic litigation to effect social change; key strategies in effecting change in the area of family rights, student rights, human trafficking and prostitution, due process and residency rights; access to citizenship and greater protections for migrants experiencing domestic violence and racism.