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Promoting Immigrants’ Rights

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Immigration is one of the biggest issues facing Ireland in the coming years. The rise in the immigrant population accounted for some 30 per cent of the total increase in population between 1996 and 2002. By 2020, it could account for as much as 50 per cent of the growth in population.

Until recently, Ireland’s official approach to immigration reflected an earlier era when Ireland attracted few immigrants. Immigration policy largely focused on control, security and admission. It provided little protection for the rights of immigrants and resulted in exploitation and abuse of their human rights. Research commissioned by Atlantic into the ability of Irish organisations to positively influence immigration policy identified a number of opportunities and strategies to address this situation.

Purpose and Impact of the Grant

The Immigrant Council of Ireland (ICI) works with and for immigrants in promoting their rights and entitlements through information, advocacy and awareness. In 2003, Atlantic awarded ICI a grant to recruit a full-time CEO and to support its core operational costs over twelve months as the organisation established itself and finalised its strategic plan. In 2005, Atlantic approved a four-year grant to implement the strategic plan. This grant will enable the organisation to:

  • Provide accessible information and legal assistance to immigrants
  • Develop its research and documentation and increase its ability to make policy recommendations arising out of its practice
  • Publicise the need for immigration and the contribution immigrants make to Ireland, thereby creating a more favourable environment for change.

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