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Making Medical Donations Work

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The New York Times – “Fixes” blog | [ View Original Source (opens in new window) ]

The New York Times “Fixes” blog post, Making Medical Donations Work,  features Atlantic grantee, MedShare, and Dr. Le Nhan Phuong, Atlantic’s Country Director for Viet Nam and Population Health Programme Director, in a summary of ways to help hospitals in poor countries, particularly rural areas that generally receive little, if any, funding from their governments. 

The founder of MedShare emphasises the importance of how his organisation assesses the hospitals’ needs and capabilities as well as provides ongoing training and support to maintain the equipment. To help sustain the flow of supplies over the next two years, Atlantic has contracted with MedShare to send 10 containers to Hue General Hospital and Khanh Hoa Provincial Health Department in Viet Nam. In addition, Dr. Phuong shares how Atlantic’s work to renovate and build commune health centres in some of Viet Nam’s poorest and most rural provinces sets an example of what is possible. As a result of the positive response of residents, seven provincial governments have funded construction and renovations of similar health centres throughout the rest of their provinces. 

> Read the full post on The New York Times “Fixes” blog

MedShare is an Atlantic grantee.

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