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Insights on Reinventing Retirement

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The New York Times |

18 Jun 2008 Original Source By Marci Alboher A new survey conducted by Civic Ventures and the MetLife Foundation shows that the idea of reinventing retirement is not just something that people talk about, but is something they are already doing. The survey – which seeks to raise consciousness in the minds of policymakers and those who can capitalize on these aging do-gooders – paints a picture of older workers who are seeking employment that offers not only income but also personal meaning and social impact. And, of course, they want to be able to do that work flexibly so that there’s plenty of time for family, travel and hobbies. Sounds a little like another demographic group we keep hearing about, Gen Y, no? Perhaps we’ll be seeing a lot of parents and their children teaming up to found socially responsible businesses.

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