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Canberra Times (Australia) |

NINE-year-old Malo was born with congenital cataracts, a clouding in both his eyes.

His condition meant he could not go out in the fields with his Mum, or play in the bright sun with other children. By holding his head close to the page and squinting, he could make out images. He is a clever boy and has even learnt how to write, but everyday challenges of getting around hold him back and keep him away from his mother.

Following a long, bumpy ride into town, Malo and his mother waited to be screened at Phu Yen Eye Centre in Vietnam. Marlo’s treatment is part of The Fred Hollows Foundation‘s ‘Sight of Children’ campaign, that will result in about 50 children in the province being treated over several days. Tran Minh Phuong, the talented surgeon, operated on Malo.

She developed her advanced skills through The Fred Hollows Foundation’s sponsored training, giving local surgeons in Phu Yen the ability to treat children for cataracts.

Just 24 hours after surgery the transformation in Malo was amazing. The boy who needed to be led around one day earlier was running around the hallways of the hospital with a renewed sense of freedom. Thanks to a relatively small amount of money donated by The Foundation’s supporters, Malo’s life has been changed forever.

You can be part of this work through your bequest or donation to The Fred Hollows Foundation.

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