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Family Centre honours the Atlantic Philanthropies

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The Family Centre honoured its donors and volunteers at the Bermuda Society of the Arts last week.

The annual celebration is intended to highlight the importance of the work of The Family Centre in dealing with families in crisis and the critical need for sustained funding for its programmes and services.

Hollywood film star and sometimes local resident Michael Douglas was on hand to assist with the event.

A number of groups and individuals were recognised for their contributions in 2006.

There were the Atlantic Philanthropies, said Martha Dismont, director of The Family Centre, noting several businesses that had helped the charity in its efforts for families.

Pengrowth Management Limited is an overseas company that held a conference here in September and the company and all of the attendees personally made a significant donation, she said. 20th Anniversary Corporate Day of Giving Team made the children’s room at The Family Centre much more child friendly and CAPITAL G sponsored the Annual Cup Match Ribbon Sale.

Cellular One, RBK, Bermuda End to End and the Ross Blackie, Talbot Charity Invitational were also thanked for their help in fundraising.

Two outstanding volunteers were honoured at the event. Ruth Thomas and Michelle Dismont Frazzoni while David Lang was named The Family Centre’s first Philanthropic Charities Champion 2006.

The event also marked a new collaboration between The Family Centre and the Bermuda Society of Arts.

The BSoA Kids Together Programme, developed by gallery director Victoria Evans and art teacher Kendra Earls, will offer a series of after school and Saturday art workshops to demystify drawing, painting and sculpting in an empowering way allowing every child to create with confidence, Ms Dismont said.

The Kids Together Programme is a very gentle and non-threatening way to reach children regardless of their social-economic background thus allowing them to tap into their creativity.

Families who have completed the Caring for Families Programme at The Family Centre will be offered the opportunity to participate in this new and exciting initiative, thus offering ongoing support.

This programme will be launched in the Spring of 2007.

The Family Centre is an Atlantic grantee.

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