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Carey launches new initiative to support philanthropic giving in Ireland

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Dept. of Community, Equality & Gaeltacht Affairs |

Pat Carey T.D., Minister for Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs, today (Monday, 21st June 2010) launched a new Government initiative to support philanthropy in Ireland.

The key elements of the 5 point plan – which aim to create an enabling environment for planned giving – include:

  1. An acknowledgement of the positive contribution of philanthropy in Irish society and the potential to grow planned giving in the next decade;

  2. Implementing an effective regulatory framework for charitable organisations in Ireland;

  3. A commitment to keeping the taxation climate for philanthropy under review;

  4. Supporting the development of an infrastructure in relation to giving; and

  5. Renewing the mandate for Forum on Philanthropy for another 2 years.

Announcing the initiative, Minister Carey said “I am delighted to launch the Government’s five point plan to develop philanthropy in Ireland. Despite current economic conditions, there remains an untapped potential for philanthropic growth in this country. By preparing the ground now and putting in place a more enabling environment for planned giving, I believe we can reap the benefits as we emerge from recession and our economic growth recovers.”

Today’s initiative builds on the work of the Forum on Philanthropy, which was  established by Government in 2006.  The Forum was set up to develop measures to encourage philanthropy in Ireland, by creating a more supportive environment for planned giving.  It also fosters an environment of mutual trust and information exchange between public and private sector interests involved in philanthropy.

“What we are trying to do through this plan is to lay more secure foundations so that the culture of philanthropy can become more engrained in Irish society.  Fostering such a climate of giving in these uncertain times will be challenging I know but, I believe, it is possible and that progressing the different elements in the plan will be an important part of the overall jigsaw” the Minister concluded. 

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