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Bolder Giving: Diane Feeney’s Advice on How to Do the Most Good

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Wednesday, May 25, at noon U.S. Eastern time

A Chronicle Live Discussion

Diane FeeneyDiane Feeney, daughter of Charles Feeney, the quiet billionaire who created Atlantic Philanthropies and has given much of his fortune away, was in her early 20s when her family established their foundation, the French American Charitable Trust. She volunteered to take a leading role in helping the family hire foundation staff members and shape the foundation’s mission.

One big decision it made was not to operate forever.

Now, 22 years after it was founded the foundation has awarded $54-million and is getting ready to close.

Join us on Wednesday May 25 for a live online discussion with Ms. Feeney sponsored by The Chronicle and Bolder Giving, an organization that works to encourage philanthropists to give more generously. She will share what she has learned from working with her family’s foundation and answer questions about how people can make the most of their giving.

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