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The French American Charitable Trust launches report, Giving More, Making Change

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In this statement, Diane Feeney, Director of the French American Charitable Trust (FACT) and daughter of Atlantic Founding Chairman Chuck Feeney, talks about the FACT’s final grants and her family’s decision to spend down their foundation’s entire endowment to do more to solve today’s problems. 

In April 2011, The French American Charitable Trust (FACT) made final grants to its portfolio of grantee organizations and will close its U.S. program at the end of 2011.

We are happy to share the core principles and strategies that shaped our grant making and what we learned from this nearly 20-year experience in our final report Giving More, Making Change: A Journey in Progressive Grant Making.

We have also posted brief videos that highlight the work of two effective community organizing grantees: Kentuckians for the Commonwealth and Communities for a Better Environment.

It has been a tremendously rewarding journey. Our giving as a family ends when FACT closes its doors, but not our commitment to working for a more just society.


Download the report: 
Giving More, Making Change:
A Journey in Progressive Grant Making 



View Videos:

FACT president, Diane Feeney, talks about spending out and FACT’s final report. (Under What’s New)

Grantees of FACT:

KFTC: The transformative power of community organizing 

CBE: Combating industrial pollution 


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