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Annals of Law: The Mitigator

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The New Yorker | [ View Original Source (opens in new window) ]

The May 9th edition of The New Yorker notes a grant given by The Atlantic Philanthropies to the Gulf Region Advocacy Center (GRACE) in its subscription only piece on Danalynn Recer, a lawyer and GRACE’s executive director. As Houston’s most prominent mitigation strategist, Recer represents defendants in death penalty cases, aiming to humanise her clients and convince juries not to choose the death penalty.

In the article, Recer says of her job, “This is not some unknowable thing. This is not curing cancer. We know how to do this. It is possible to persuade a jury to value someone’s life.” Atlantic’s grant has helped GRACE remain in operation while the organisation goes through financial difficulties. 

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The Gulf Region Advocacy Center is an Atlantic grantee.