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Ageism: As young as you feel

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By Barbara Harding

The upcoming ‘Say No To Ageism’ week from 19 to 23 May is an initiative that seeks to promote a new awareness of the stereotyping of older employees in the workplace. It also aims to support practical action by organisations in Ireland to develop an ‘age friendly’ service provision, in compliance with the Equal Status Act.

Ageism is a cultural phenomenon in our society and is based on attitudes and practices towards older people that create a false association between their age and abilities. The Equality Authority believes it is a negative stereotype that discriminates or excludes older people and makes them feel unwelcome, based on their age. They also stress how patronising, neglectful and in some cases, abusive it can be.

Together with the National Council on Ageing and Older People and the Health Service Executive, the Equality Authority has published a guidance booklet on age-friendly service provision in the hope that all organisations across the public sector will draw from its guidance and develop initiatives to mark Say No To Ageism week.

Niall Crowley, CEO of the Equality Authority, says: Equality for older employees will only be achieved to the extent that we eliminate the negative stereotyping on the foot of ageism. It will also require consultation with older employees and their organisations to assess their needs and aspirations; new skills; effective management of age diversity; and policy and procedures to secure the dignity of, and respect for, older employees in the workplace. Say No To Ageism week also seeks to simulate this attitudinal change alongside new workplace practices.

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