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Evaluation of the Partnership with Parents Programme

Resource type: Evaluation

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Partnership with Parents (PwP), developed by Barnardos Ireland, is an intensive, home-based, one-to-one parenting support programme for parents with multiple and complex needs.

The programme was evaluated over a two-year period, from September 2016 to September 2018, with data spanning a six-year period (2012–2018). The evaluation shows that PwP is a very promising intervention with evidence of positive impact on key outcomes for the target population.

Changes for children, for example, were reflected in reduced levels of conflict, improved social interaction, improved routines and school attendance, increased ability to cope with change (particularly for separated parents) and an overall sense of increased maturity.

This evaluation supports the need for a tailored, individualised, home-based parenting programme in Ireland – one that is delivered holistically, on a case-by-case basis, empowering parents in partnership with a trusted family worker.

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