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A Look At Our Work in Viet Nam

1998 - 2013
Improving Services, Equity and Outcomes in Health

In keeping with our Founder’s Giving While Living approach to philanthropy, Atlantic made its final grants in Viet Nam in 2013.

Over 15 years, Atlantic invested more than $380 million in the region to attain equity in health through the effective delivery of primary care services, particularly for marginalised populations. We supported grantees’ efforts to improve health outcomes for all, build and sustain local capacity for advocacy and policymaking on health issues, and partnered with government to strengthen the health information system.

Current grants, including ongoing monitoring of opportunities to leverage grantee work and impact, will continue to be managed throughout 2014.

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Population Health

Leveraging over $700 million in matching funds from government and other donors to transform the health system, securing legislation requiring helmet use by motorbike riders which dramatically reduced related injuries and deaths, and performing the first cardiac surgery in Viet Nam without support of foreign experts are just few of our grantee partners’ accomplishments.

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Higher Education

Establishing a branch of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and building a new generation of Learning Resource Centres are some of the ways Atlantic helped bring world-class education to students in Viet Nam.

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Laying Foundations for Change

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