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Viet Nam is undergoing rapid social and economic changes as the country moves toward a market economy. Social inequities are persistent and increasing, including unequal access to health care.

Atlantic supports efforts to improve equity in health through the effective delivery of primary care services, particularly for marginalised populations. Our grantees focus on ensuring that the health system is adequately serving poor, rural, ethnic minority and other disadvantaged communities.

In addition, Atlantic and our grantees seek to improve health outcomes for all, and to build and sustain local capacity for advocacy and policymaking on health issues. We are also working with the government to strengthen the health information system.

Our Focus As We Conclude Our Grantmaking

  • Population Health

    Population Health

    The focus of our final years of grantmaking is to increase the number of public health workers and expand their skills, build the infrastructure of primary health systems in select provinces, and improve access to health care for marginalised populations.
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