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While the United States tries to get its economy back on track, policy and budget decisions are putting children, people of colour and low-income older adults at even greater risk. Concerns about rising deficits threaten essential health and income security programmes such as Social Security and Medicare that keep many people out of poverty. Heightened anxieties over immigration and a focus on harsh punishment as the first resort in school discipline unfairly marginalise many people.

Atlantic and our grantees are committed to support advocacy by and for people of all ages who are most in need, and to help build a vibrant, engaged constituency to deliver outcomes for disadvantaged communities.

As a limited life foundation, we are investing in areas where we believe Atlantic can achieve significant progress in the relatively short time we have remaining.

Our Focus As We Conclude Our Grantmaking

  • Ageing


    Our grantmaking focuses on improving chronic care delivery systems for low-income elders in order to improve their well-being and reduce costs. Grantees also work to enhance and protect economic support for low-income older adults.
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  • Children & Youth

    Children & Youth

    Atlantic supports efforts to improve access to health care for children and reduce zero-tolerance school discipline policies, which often call for mandatory school expulsion or police involvement to address even minor behavioural problems.  Atlantic also funds the Elev8 community schools model, which takes a holistic approach by offering education supports and school-based health care in economically depressed communities to ensure that students succeed in school and in life.
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  • Reconciliation & Human Rights

    Reconciliation & Human Rights

    Grantees seek to abolish the death penalty, protect the rights of immigrants and address deep racial inequalities in the United States. Atlantic’s funding of racial justice focuses on addressing disparities in the criminal justice system. We also support key civil liberties organisations to help them continue to advance their work over the long term.
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