Racial Equity

Challenging Structural Racism and Its Consequences

United States

Until America acknowledges and addresses the impact of its racial history, it cannot dismantle the systemic barriers that stand in the way of success for communities of color.

Our final grants to promote racial equity focus on confronting discriminatory policy and practice in education and criminal justice. We aim to strengthen the infrastructure for long-term change so that all Americans have a fair chance at success.

Our culminating grants are guided by four strategic objectives:

  1. Ensuring strong, sustainable institutions are in place to advocate for policy and practice change
  2. Improving coordination across key stakeholders to enhance impact
  3. Using communications to confront biased narratives that undermine equal opportunities
  4. Building a pipeline of innovative leaders to guide reform
Watch: Bryan Stevenson is director of Equal Justice Initiative, an Atlantic grantee challenging racial discrimination in the criminal justice system.

We've invested roughly $350 million to dismantle systemic barriers and increase opportunities for communities of color in six core areas: