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A Look At Our Work in South Africa

1992 - 2013
Advancing Justice, Equality, Education and Health in an Emerging Democracy

South Africa’s Constitution reflects a global aspiration for equity in a country that was built on inequity, and is unique in its emphasis on providing rights such as education, human rights and health care. The democracy offers considerable promise to transform the lives of people who are marginalised. But in many cases, citizens and civil society groups that represent them are demanding that government fulfil their enshrined rights.

One right that has yet to be met is the right to equitable access to health care. Since the beginning of democracy in 1996, the overall performance of the country’s health system has been poor. Many South Africans still lack access to quality health care, particularly those in rural areas.

Atlantic continues to work to enhance the strength and viability of the constitution, to ensure that there is equitable health care for all, and to strengthen key organisations to protect and promote rights. We also work to strengthen philanthropy and disseminate our learnings to help develop the field.

Our Focus As We Conclude Our Grantmaking

  • Population Health

    Population Health

    Atlantic funds grantees that are transforming the delivery and retention of human resources in the primary care system by training health professionals to take a leadership role in public health and provide care to the most underserved citizens.
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  • Reconciliation & Human Rights

    Reconciliation & Human Rights

    We are focused on supporting key campaigns to ensure that South African citizens receive the rights and benefits of their democracy under the Constitution. Atlantic funds key human rights organisations to carry their work forward beyond our lifetime.
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