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A Look At Our Work in South Africa

1992 - 2013
Advancing Justice, Equality, Education and Health in an Emerging Democracy

In keeping with our Founder’s Giving While Living approach to philanthropy, Atlantic made its final grants in South Africa in 2013.

Over 22 years, Atlantic invested $355.5 million in the region to advance and uphold justice, promote better health care and improve health, and deliver services that support transformative social change, improve human rights and dignity, and fulfil the promise of the democratic Constitution.

Current grants, including ongoing monitoring of opportunities to leverage grantee work and impact, will continue to be actively managed throughout 2014.

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Population Health

Strengthening primary health care, transforming the nursing sector and securing universal access to anti-retroviral treatment for all South Africans are just a few of our grantee partners’ accomplishments.

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Reconciliation & Human Rights

Through strategic litigation, public education and strengthening human rights organisations, Atlantic and our grantees have played a crucial role in ensuring that South African citizens realise the benefits of equal rights.

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