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While Bermuda is perceived as an affluent country, there is a growing divide between the very wealthy and people who struggle to cover the basic costs of living. Economic and structural inequalities have created disparities in areas such as health, education, public safety and criminal justice for many people.

Addressing pronounced class and racial divisions has been difficult, largely due to deficiencies in policy and implementation. Increasingly, community members are becoming involved in civic engagement, seeking stronger and fairer laws to protect human rights and to address issues like gang violence, poverty, discrimination, ageing and health policy concerns.

Atlantic’s work in Bermuda is helping to support a vibrant social sector, with strong, effective organisations that have the ability and necessary support to advance social change.

Our Focus As We Conclude Our Grantmaking

  • Establish a Community Foundation

    Atlantic is supporting the development of a new community foundation in order to provide support for nonprofit organisations when Atlantic ceases operations on the island.

  • Strengthen Key Nongovernment Organisations to Protect and Promote Rights

    Atlantic seeks to strengthen the capacity of a small number of key local organisations working for social change.

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