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Though Bermuda is often perceived as an affluent country, there is significant divide between the very wealthy and people who struggle to meet the basic needs of daily living. Disparities in health, education, public safety and criminal justice reflect economic and structural inequalities.

Over 20 years, Atlantic invested $28.2 million on the island to strengthen nonprofit organisations that promote civil society, build capacity for advocacy and social change, and advance the practice and strategies of philanthropy. In keeping with our Founder’s Giving While Living approach to philanthropy, Atlantic made its final grants in Bermuda in 2013.

Current grants, including ongoing monitoring of opportunities to leverage grantee work and impact, will continue to be managed by employees in the Bermuda office.

Key Achievements

Established Bermuda Community Foundation

With support from corporations, foundations, government and others, the BCF will provide a lasting infrastructure and support for nonprofits on the island.

Advocacy wins

  • Secured legislation outlawing discrimination on basis of sexual orientation
  • Advocated successfully for re-formation of a ministry for health and seniors
  • Secured strengthened legislation protecting public access to information

Grantee Partners