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Today, more than 16.4 million children in the U.S. live in poverty. Roughly 8 million children lack affordable health care; and every 11 seconds of the school day, a child drops out, dimming the hopes of a productive future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Children of colour are the most severely affected. More than a third of black and Latino children under the age of five live in poverty and more than two-thirds are academically behind. They also are more likely to be pushed out of school for minor misbehaviour than their white peers.

Our grantmaking aims to transform the life trajectory of the nation’s most vulnerable children and youth by improving their health outcomes through increased access to care and intervening to end the needless expulsions of students from school and often into the criminal justice system as a result of widespread zero-tolerance school discipline policies.

We also aim to maximise the impact of Atlantic’s signature initiative, the Elev8 community schools model, by highlighting and sharing the lessons learned about how school districts and communities can partner to provide high-quality educational and social services to middle school students and their families.

Our Focus As We Conclude Our Grantmaking

  • Reform School Discipline Policies

    Suspensions, expulsions and even arrests are used disproportionately to discipline black, Latino and disabled children in low-income communities for typical adolescent misbehaviour. Atlantic grantees seek policy changes to reduce the use of punitive discipline in schools and to ensure that children and youth are engaged in learning and on track to future success.
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  • Improve Health Outcomes for Children through Enhanced Access to Care

    Atlantic supports expansion of health insurance to all U.S. children. Establishing permanent systems for streamlined enrolment and coverage will provide access to care and support healthy development for all children and youth.
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  • Elev8: Support a Community Schools Model

    Community schools have been shown to enhance family engagement, improve student attendance and academic achievement, and increase graduation and matriculation rates. Elev8 is one such model that operates in four parts of the country. Atlantic support seeks to achieve sustainability for Elev8’s 20 community schools and 16 school-based health centres and to influence federal, state and local policies to expand community schools.
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of black males in middle school were suspended at least once. 


What We're Learning

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