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Where I Am Going: A Campaign to Change the Conversation About Stop-and-Frisk

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Communities United for Police Reform |

Communities United For Police Reform, an Atlantic grantee, recently launched Where I Am Going, a video series that peeks into the lives of people who’ve experienced NYPD’s Stop-and-Frisk policy. These short documentaries gives us a glance into the lives of ordinary New Yorkers — a teenager, a mother, a clergyman, and a police officer. They start by sharing a teen’s story.

The police policy has impacted their lives and their neighborhoods. These are the stories of people who believe they can achieve many things, but are not always given the hope and empowerment they envision.

This docuseries was produced by Firelight Films and by our faith in a brighter future.

“I think people shouldn’t have to live in fear. The point of police is not to instill fear. I think the point of police is to protect people and have them not feel … fear.” – Kasiem Walters, high school senior

Share the video with your friends. Write a tweet about where you are going with the hashtag #whereiamgoing.

Communities United for Police Reform is an Atlantic grantee via a re-grant through The Advocacy Fund.