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Grantee Highlight – Inez McCormack Talks with Meryl Streep

Resource type: Video

Courtesy of The Daily Beast, “Jump Starting an Irish Campaign”

Inez McCormack Talks with Meryl Streep
After watching herself being portrayed by Meryl Streep, Northern Irish civil rights leader Inez McCormack stood on stage with the actress and talked about the play SEVEN — and what it was like to see Streep in action. “She’s better at me than I am,” McCormack said.  

Inez, the well known Northern Ireland trade union, women’s and human rights activist, currently chairs the Participation and the Practice of Rights (PPR) project (, an Atlantic grantee that provides local disadvantaged communities on all parts of the island of Ireland support in using a human rights based approach to address the social and economic inequalities and deprivation they face.

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