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GRITtv – Gara LaMarche on Creating Progressive Narratives

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The times are difficult and the challenges are great. But a sober analysis of our predicament suggests that there are accomplishments to be celebrated and lessons to be learned from the intense period of history we have just lived through that can inform a comeback strategy. As important as developing such a strategy will be upholding the commitments that have always nurtured the progressive spirit: to resist despair, to press on in times of uncertainty and to take risks to make a path forward.

So wrote Gara LaMarche and Deepak Bhargava in The Nation, right before the election, laying out a strategy for progressive success in the wake of Republican likely victories. Now that we know what the political landscape looks like, we asked Gara to join us in studio to give us some ideas of what we can do to fight a reenergized, organized right.

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