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AFT Conference Aims to Reclaim the Promise of Public Education

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Over the last 30 years, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) has organized a series of biennial Civil, Human and Women’s Rights conferences addressing a wide range of social justice issues.

The 2013 conference focused on public education. Will it continue to exist as a truly public institution that ensures equal opportunity for all? To improve our public schools we need to create learning environments that holistically address students’ academic, social and physical needs, and that prevent the exclusion of vulnerable children from the over-use of suspension, expulsions and arrests.

This video, which got participants fired up at the conference’s opening town hall, chronicles the rising grassroots and labor movement to protect and support public education.

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American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and The Schott Foundation for Public Education are Atlantic grantees. Linda Darling Hammond at the Stanford University SCOPE Center is a sub-grantee via the Schott Foundation.