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¡Salud! the Film-Trailer

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Produced in 2006, this documentary offers an examination of human values and the health issues that affect us all, and looks at the curious case of Cuba, a cash-strapped country with what the BBC calls ‘one of the world’s best health systems.’

From the shores of Africa to the Americas, !Salud! hits the road with some of the 28,000 Cuban health professionals serving in 68 countries, and explores the hearts and minds of international medical students in Cuba — now numbering 30,000, including nearly 100 from the USA.

Their stories plus testimony from experts around the world bring home the competing agendas that mark the battle for global health—and the complex realities confronting the movement to make healthcare everyone’s birth right.

¡Salud, 93 minutes,is produced and directed by Academy Award nominee Connie Field (The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter; Freedom on My Mind) and co-produced by Gail Reed. Video courtesy of MEDDIC.

MEDDIC is an Atlantic grantee through the Population Health programme.

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