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Getting at the Root of the Problem

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Atlantic’s support in Bermuda has strengthened the capacity of the island’s nonprofit sector by encouraging traditional nonprofits to become social advocates, developing nascent organisations into leaders and facilitating collaboration among organisations to advance shared agendas. With Atlantic’s support, The Family Centre, among others, has become a leader in creating social change.

‘People standing by a river see several babies floating by. They start jumping in to save them. One person starts running upstream. “Where are you going?” the people ask. “I’m going to see who is throwing the babies in the water!”‘
– Martha Dismont, Executive Director

The Family Centre:

  • Began working with at-risk young people in Bermuda in 1996
  • Evolved from a traditional tutoring programme to an innovative provider of a full range of preventive and early intervention services for young people and families
  • Helped more than 2,000 families overcome social and emotional challenges and create a better future for their children
  • Adapts its services to meet existing needs and takes the lead in addressing what individuals and communities need
  • Collaborates with the community – including nonprofits, schools, police, businesses, funders, churches and sporting organisations – to respond to issues like gang violence and provide programmes, services, training and support to at-risk young people.


Giving While Living: Marking 30 Years of Achievements: 1982–2012

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