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The Atlantic Philanthropies in Viet Nam: 1998–2013

Resource type: Research Report

The Atlantic Philanthropies |

Note: In 2018, we published an updated version of this report as part of our Country Books series.

Between 1998–2013, Atlantic invested $381.8 million in Viet Nam to strengthen the country’s higher education and primary health care systems.

This report tells the story of the impact of Atlantic’s, and our grantees’, work in Viet Nam to pave the way to greater education and health equity for all people, including:

  • An overview, in numbers, and timeline of our investments
  • A brief introduction to how Atlantic first began working there
  • A description of how Atlantic’s and our grantees’ work, and the fields on which we have focused, have evolved since initiating our work
  • An assessment of Atlantic’s most significant contributions within each field
  • A meta-assessment of Atlantic’s and grantees’ collective, overall impact to date.

This report was prepared by Susan Parker.

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