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Roles of Engagement: Strategies and Tactics for Philanthropic-Government Relations in Policy Reform

Resource type: Research Report

Atlas Learning Project |

Over the course of its history, Atlantic frequently engaged with national and local governments around the world on efforts to improve public systems, services, policies and practices that affect the life outcomes of vulnerable and disadvantaged people. Roles of Engagement summarizes and analyzes the different strategies and tactics the foundation used in the course of this work—everything from entering into formal partnerships and informal alliances to supporting nonprofits and non-governmental organizations to advocate for various causes.

Roles of Engagement is designed to help people in philanthropy and government—individual donors and their advisors, foundation leaders and staff, elected officials, and the leaders and staff of public systems and agencies—become less skeptical, more appreciative, and better informed of what mutual engagement can accomplish for both sectors and for the populations that both serve.

A companion volume, Reflections on Engagementpresents lessons from Atlantic’s engagements with government.

Atlantic commissioned this report.