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Elev8 Baltimore Review

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The Elev8 Baltimore Review, a publication from Atlantic grantee Elev8 Baltimore, shows how its range of programs are changing the odds for children, youth, and families in East Baltimore.

From after-school and summer enrichment programs to vital school-based health services and resources that help parents find employment, the Review details how far Elev8 Baltimore has come in the past three years. Read about a day in the life of Elev8 and learn about new initiatives planned to strengthen services and improve the long-term impact on students’ experiences and family stability.

Elev8’s Three Central Components

  • Learning
    After-school and summer activities support young people to help them improve attendance, gain confidence and advance academically.
  • Health
    School-based health services and health promotion programs offered to students and families are raising awareness of health needs – physical and emotional – and making it easier for families to take greater advantage of health services for their children.
  • Family Engagement
    Parents who are economically stronger and connected to other parents are more likely to be involved in their children’s learning. We offer families tools to achieve economic self-sufficiency, including access to workforce, housing and social service supports, and  opportunities to advocate for themselves and the community.

Some Numbers We’re Proud of at Elev8 Baltimore  

To Learn More about Elev8:

> Visit or the websites of the local initiatives:

Elev8 Baltimore
Elev8 Chicago
Elev8 New Mexico
Elev8 Oakland

Elev8 is a grantee of Atlantic’s Children & Youth programme in the United States, which funds efforts to support and expand community schools.

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